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Work - ai & DATA

I'm excited and at the same time cautious about how we can use Artificial Intelligence and Data in an ethical and unbiased manner. I am especially interested in propelling India AI vision to a globally recognized and sustainable one.1. Research Proposal for a Global AI Marketplace for Government Procurement of AI Solutions2. An AI Bot To Discover Depression in Chats3. White Domination in America - Infographic4. IntelliVC - AI Powered Deal Sourcing for Seed and PreSeed Investors


I believe books are a major influence on who I am today, and I get a comforting and calming pleasure while reading a book.1. The Books That Have Shaped Me2. 2020 A Book A Week Challenge3. Lovely Book Club I'm Part Of - The Book Nook Club


The roller coaster ride of organizing and facilitating any sort of event is something I crave, be it online or offline. I love the sense of camaraderie and connections that happen over a shared interest in a cause. (I love community!)1. Techstars Startup Weekend COVID-19 - India2. OGR Techstars Summit - Torino, Italy3. Bhutan National Startup Weekend (Picture - With the Prime Minister of Bhutan Dr. Lotay Tshering)4. Startup Weekend - Hyderabad | Ghaziabad | Bengaluru - Enterprise Apps | Baddi | Bengaluru - IOT/AI | Patna | NIT Trichy5. Global SW Women - Bangalore, India6. Global SW Sustainable Revolution7. Epiphany - 8 Cities, 1 Day: An Entrepreneurial Impulse


Music evokes emotion and emotion can bring with it memory.. it brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can
-Oliver Sacks
Music and Memories is a podcast that explores few songs I really love along with some interesting memories of my life these songs evoke.


We are a family 3 Brothers who played Football, Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis respectively, so we regularly kept bringing in the trophywork to my parent's delight. Next I'd have to thank Toastmasters for many of the Public Speaking Awards I've received.1. Toastmasters - 2019 Area E1 Table Topics 1st Place, Prepared Speech 3rd Place | 2019 Oracle IBC Titans Table Topics, Prepared and Evaluation Contests - 1st Place | Picture - 40+ Speaking, Evaluation, Roletaker Ribbons2. SPDC Scholarship (2013-17) from the Ministry for External Affairs**3. Table Tennis Winners at Nationwide Tournament Spardha' 2016 - IIT BHU | Sportsfete 2017 - Best Player | **3. Entrepreneurship - Epiphany at Vivekananda Global University | Bhutan National Startup Weekend - Ministry of IT and Technology

social impact

I've been an active part of the Social Impact community in Bangalore, and I sincerely believe that technology can help uplift the struggling and this can equally benefit the world.1. Picture - Food Distribution to Construction Workers in Bangalore2. Lead Organizer - Bangalore Social Entrepreneurs (1600+ Members)3. Harnessing the Power of Blockchain for Social Good4. - Bringing Transparency to Social Impact5. Hack4Climate India - Blockchain to Fight Climate Change6. Measuring Social Impact - Amani Institute


Intersection of Entrepreneurship, Technology and People. That pretty much sums up my work. Psychometric Work Profile1. Founder - (Bringing Transparency to Social Impact Through Affordable Impact Assessments) [Nov 2019 - Present]2. Co-Founder - DKDC Travel (Personalized Travel Concierge on Whatsapp) [Nov 2019 - Present]3. Global Facilitator, Community Leader - Techstars Startup Weekend (Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed through Collaboration and Innovation) [Sep 2016 - Present]4. Applications Engineer - Oracle India (Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services) [Jul 2017 - Sep 2019]



My most important goal is to keep growing and acquiring knowledge from all kinds of sources, and I value acquisition of knowledge higher than acquisition of money.1. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies - Harvard Business School2. Data Science Specialization - John Hopkins University3. Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - NIT Trichy4. Measuring Social Impact - Amani Institute